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What is home? Is it a feeling that comforts us? Is it an emotion that secures us? Is it a person who completes us? For artist Vallery Puri, the concept of home is all of these elements combined in a space with nature and urbanisation. Her ‘Home’ series travels from the city and her personal space, to her garden and further on into nature to explore the multiple levels of the emotion of home, family and friends. The feeling of being in the right place, at the right moment with the right person, is what the artist describes as peace and completeness… the point where home becomes a concept inside out. The artist experienced this feeling when she met her present husband, and this is when the series ‘Home’ was born.

Puri’s figurative works and landscapes are expressive of her state of mind, where nature and urban spaces combine with personal narratives and thought processes. The artist’s paintings are her perspectives of home with reference to feeling, seeing, hearing, learning and absorbing. They take on utopic forms of nature that converse with the comforts of mundane objects, relationships and home spaces.

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Selected works from 1996-2018

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